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First, I cut away landscape.

Then I paint much paints.

I grew up in a city.

There line up a few factories, many office buildings and high-rise condominiums.

While my house remains silent ----

I would often kill time in a lobby in the building and walking around the city.


I was relieved to see the landscape where buildings look like building blocks and I took a long look at square lights of them.

I wonder how many people grow up in this city.

I wonder if this is a cold this city.

The shape of the city and the presence of strangers become paints.

They pile up, then they become layers.

The paints like cream spreading over the edge of a canvas.

They pile up many times over, then the paints become hardened by oxidizing.

It looks as if paints stand up.

Overflood paints become new frame, which breaks the fixed frame of canvas.

When I look at the painting on the wall,

it looked as if it building in front of me like a building,

like a patchwork of concrete.

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